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KKBOX offers diverse music library widely of over 100 million tracks. With unlimited access on your mobile and computer, and the option to download for listening music offline, you could enjoy music anytime and anywhere.

100 million tracks all at your fingertips
  • Music that you enjoy most, updates that you anticipate most plus other new genres to discover, KKBOX gives you a brand new world of music! Music recommendation offers you the most refined music that fits your taste and sensibility
"Listen With" celebrities and friends
  • Listen to music with favorite celebrities, artists or friends while chatting with them online. KKBOX helps you stay upclose and personal with your favorite artists
Exclusive LIVE broadcast of concerts
  • Stay connected with your favorite artists and be part of the audience from afar. KKBOX brings you the most unforgettable concert experience with 360° panoramic, multi-angle and VR technologies
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Service Plan Charge (HK$)
2-month Service Plan $98
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# $1.7/day is calculated based on KKBOX 2-month Service Plan (standard service fee at $98). Offer and services are subject to terms and condition.
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