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Friendly reminders! Important note for
Mobile Number Porting
  1. The current SoSIM number will be invalid upon successful porting, while active plans are not affected.
  2. Postpaid and prepaid number acceptable for MNP. Please enquire your operator if you are uncertain about your mobile number type.
  3. Please make sure your MNP mobile number can receive SMS for verification. (It is recommended that SoSIM and the SIM card of the mobile number portability inserted into the phone(s) at the same time and prepare the photo of prepaid SIM card when apply prepaid SIM porting for easy operation.)
  4. You may recharge your SoSIM to make sure it is valid on number porting effective date.
  5. Your mobile number must be active before porting is completed. You don't need to and should not ask your current operator to terminate your number's service.
  6. The actual port-in date is subject to various factors and may lead to delay or failure.
Schedule Your Mobile Number Porting
Enter your Contract End Date of current operator
Please use the following default date for Contract Ended / Prepaid SIM / No Contract Monthly Plan users
Billing Cycle Cutoff Date / Service Package Expiry Date
Please refer to your bill / statement for cutoff date
Day / Month
Suggested Schedule
Calculated assuming no fines and utilising the remaining monthly services
  • Porting Application Date:
  1. Log in SoSIM account for porting application, select Earliest effective date for effective date
  • 狀況確認日:
  • 系統會於生效前一天發送短訊通知轉台狀況
  • 插入SoSIM 接收短訊確認
  • Earliest Effective Date:
  1. Insert SIM card 1 day in advance to planned effective date to received notification SMS
  2. Log in SoSIM account to confirm the port-in number shown in the top left corner
  3. (If MNP application is failed, please check the reason, and apply again after your planned schedule)
  1. Mobile number porting generally requires 3-5 working days for the verification process. The suggested schedule is for reference only. We recommend completing MNP after your contract ended AND before the monthly billing cycle cutoff date to avoid incurring additional charges.
  2. Please ensure you have provided correct information. You will need to resubmit if application fails.
  3. Mobile number porting service is fully suspended during 1st to 4th day of the Chinese New Year. Please apply porting 3-5 working days in advance. For details, please log in SoSIM account.
  4. Suggested schedule is calculated assuming mobile number porting is successful in 1st time application. To avoid extra cost due to failed application, you may submit application prior to the suggested schedule.
Mobile Number Porting Special Rewards
Promotion period: 2024/6/1 to 2024/12/31
Apply within the promotion period to enjoy special rewards after successful porting for Primary SIM:
  1. 100GB Local Data / 30 Days
  2. Supplementary SIM Free Trial 30 Days8
    (Voice + Data Sharing with Primary SIM, among family / multiple devices)
  3. Travel Data 33% Discount Coupon x 3
    (Applicable to purchase of APAC / Greater China Travel Data 1-day or DIY Pass)

  • Upon successful application of mobile porting, rewards will be distributed to eligible SoSIM account. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Reward 1 Local data will be activated immediately, please refer to Home > Active Plan for details.
  • Reward 2 and 3 will be distributed as eCoupon (Rewards > My Coupons) to redeem when purchasing designated service. Supplementary SIM service will be auto-renewed upon expiry (auto-renew option can be updated at "Home > Setting" after logging in).
Past Rewards (only applicable to porting application from 2023/1/1 to 2024/5/31)
Terms and conditions:
  1. Customer must submit mobile porting application during the promotion period (both dates inclusive) AND successfully ported-in to enjoy the offer.
  2. Offer is only applicable to Primary SIM number porting and Supplementary SIM is not eligible.
  3. To redeem the rewards, customers are required to purchase a 30-day or above local data package during the reward validity period.
  4. Please make sure that the number porting information you entered is correct, so as not to delay the process and lead to failure to enjoy the offer.
  5. Rewards must be redeemed or used after logging in SoSIM account, while the SoSIM prepaid card must still be valid. If the card has expired, all rewards will be cancelled and non-refundable.
  6. Rewards are not refundable for cash, will not be reissued or replaced if lost, deleted or used by others.
  7. SoSIM reserves the right to modify the terms or terminate the offer at any time.
  8. In the event of any dispute, the decision of SoSIM shall be final and conclusive.
Mobile Number Porting Guide

Go to setting, select "Change Mobile Number (Porting/New number)"

One Time Password will be received after input port-in mobile number

Input porting information, includes the existing operator and porting date. Then, choose your current SIM card type

Upload identification document photo and personal information of the mobile number registrant

You will receive a confirmation message for your MNP application after application submitted

Porting status display on main page of SoSIM App, includes: porting mobile number, porting date and time
Change Port-in Effective Date

Click hyperlink in MNP reminder at the top of main page, or click here to change your MNP effective date

Reminder: you can change at least 3 days prior to your planned effective date

Choose your desired MNP effective date, then click “Confirm Update”.

Latest port-in effective date and status are displayed in MNP reminder in main page
Click here to read terms and conditions
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