Transferring your number to SoSIM
Transferring your current mobile number to SoSIM is easier than you think.
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Friendly reminders! Important note for
Mobile Number Porting
  1. The current SoSIM number will be invalid upon successful porting, while active plans are not affected.
  2. Postpaid and prepaid number acceptable for MNP. Please enquire your operator if you are uncertain about your mobile number type.
  3. Please make sure your MNP mobile number can receive SMS for verification. (It is recommended that SoSIM and the SIM card of the mobile number portability inserted into the phone(s) at the same time and prepare the photo of prepaid SIM card when apply prepaid SIM porting for easy operation.)
  4. You may recharge your SoSIM to make sure it is valid on number porting effective date.
  5. Your mobile number must be active before porting is completed. You don't need to and should not ask your current operator to terminate your number's service.
Mobile Number Porting Triple Rewards
Promotion Period: 2023-1-1 to 2024-12-31

Enjoy special rewards upon application and successful MNP during the promotion period:
  1. 50GB Social Media Data22
  2. Night Fever Unlimited Data (23:00 - 07:00)8
  3. 10,000 Local Voice Mins

Rewards are valid for 90 days. Upon successful application of mobile porting, customers will receive eCoupon in “Rewards > My Coupons” via SoSIM My Account portal.

  • Applicable to customers who have submitted a porting application AND successfully ported-in during the promotion period (both dates inclusive).
  • To redeem the rewards, customers are required to purchase 30-day or 90-day local data package during the reward validity period.
  • Please make sure that the number porting information you entered is correct, so as not to delay the process and lead to failure to enjoy the offer.
Quick guide for transferring your number to SoSIM

Go to setting, select "Change Mobile Number (Porting/New number)"

One Time Password will be received after input port-in mobile number

Input porting information, includes the existing operator and porting date. Then, choose your current SIM card type

Upload identification document photo and personal information of the mobile number registrant

You will receive a confirmation message for your MNP application after application submitted

Porting status display on main page of SoSIM App, includes: porting mobile number, porting date and time
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