Newly Innovated | Supplementary SIM Service

Support multiple devices to share local / travel data services at any time, anywhere at your convenience. No more hassle with setting up Wi-Fi or hotspot sharing

Enjoy work-life balance by separating your work and personal phones

= Saving
Feel free to choose your desired service packages for sharing with family - a more cost-effective option

Support Physical SIM / eSIM
Compatible with mobile devices including phones and tablets
Service Charges
Voice + Data Sharing with Primary SIM

$28/30 Days
for 1 Physical SIM / eSIM (mobile number included)
Perfect option for family sharing,
with easy access to flexible service management

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Purchase and Activation Guide

Select desired supplementary SIM service

Read remarks and check the box to agree before going to the next step

To purchase Physical SIM, fill in delivery information (i.e. recipient name and Hong Kong mailing address)

Choose an activation date of physical supplementary SIM (from 3rd to 6th days after payment), service will be valid for 30 days upon this selected activation date

Then click “Confirm” and proceed to payment

To purchase eSIM, enter email to receive one-time password (redemption QR code will be delivered via email)

Read remarks and check the box to agree before going to the next step for payment

After successful payment, visit Home > Supplementary SIM to manage the service (including complete supplementary SIM real-name registration, view service package validity, update auto-renewal setting and supplementary SIM name)

Purchase Physical Supplementary SIM: Insert SIM into mobile device on or after selected activation date to activate

Purchase Supplementary eSIM: Scan QR code delivered to verified email address to install and activate
  1. Each account can apply for a maximum of 4 supplementary SIMs.
  2. If your primary SIM has been terminated, all supplementary SIM services will be invalid and cannot be recovered.
  3. Upon card activation, supplementary SIM can share the usage of your primary SIM account, including local service package, travel data, SMS and pay-as-you-go services. Value-added services, such as 4.5G Speed / Live Broadcast Booster, Voice Mail and China Number services, cannot be shared.
  4. When a supplementary SIM uses any pay-as-you-go services, relevant service charges will be deducted from the stored value balance of your primary SIM account.
  5. Supplementary SIM service will be renewed automatically on the service package expiry date. Please ensure there is sufficient stored value in your primary SIM account to continue to use the service. Otherwise, your supplementary SIM service will be suspended upon expiry.
  6. Physical SIM (Additional mailing charge of $28 applies)
    Choose an activation date of supplementary SIM service when purchasing (from 3rd to 6th days after payment), service will be valid for 30 days upon your selected activation date.
    Delivery Arrangement: Physical SIM will be delivered to your verified mailing address at least 1 working day after successful payment, actual delivery time may vary depending on various factors. Please reserve enough delivery time when choosing activation date to enjoy your package for the whole validity period.
  7. eSIM
    After successful payment, eSIM QR code will be delivered to your verified email address.
  8. Please log in your primary SIM account to complete Real-name registration for supplementary SIM to use service.
  9. SoSIM reserves the right to amend offers and charges without prior notice.
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