Invite your friends to experience SoSIM now! The more friends you refer, the more rewards you can get.
Basic Reward
Each successful referral
  • Referrer can get 30-Day Social Data and Night Fever Package + $5 Cash Coupon (this reward item has no upper limit for a Referrer to obtain)
  • Referee can get 30-Day Social Data and Night Fever Package
Remark: Referrer and Referee must not be the same person. Both participating parties are required to buy SoSIM from the same authorized retailer (e.g. if the Referrer's SoSIM is bought from PARKnSHOP, the Referee will need to buy a SoSIM from PARKnSHOP to enjoy the Referral Rewards).
$40 rebate for 8 successful referrals

× 8 successful referrals
3 steps to invite your friends

Enter SoSIM menu

Select "Invite friends" in menu

Select social media to share referral code
Referee use referral code

Referee select "use referral code" on the main page of SoSIM App

Enter the referral code provided by the referrer and press confirm
Steps to redeem the reward

Select "Rewards" in dashboard

Choose redemption item

Mark as USED after successful redemption
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