Travel Roaming - Mainland China Number Service
Using this service you can put your Hong Kong and China numbers on one SIM card so no matter where you are, you can receive calls on both HK and China mobile numbers. Bring you convenience to open a China bank account and receive the one time password for verification. No more call forwarding or SIM Card swapping! Getting around China is easy and enjoyable!

  • You can be reached via voice calls or SMS by the China number
  • Receiving voice call in Hong Kong and the voice minutes will be deducted from your prepaid SIM entitlement
  • Unlimited incoming SMS, for receiving personal SMS, confirmation or password SMS etc
  • Simply receive SMS on your handset as usual and no need to install any app for that
Registration process
  • Login Mobile App
  • Press "China Number" and complete the real name registration and subscription process
  • "China number" Service is required to fulfill the real name registration procedures. The approval status will announce in 3 days through email or SMS. Please ensure Prepaid SIM keeps connecting with mobile network for receiving related message. If you cannot receive the notice, please login to Mobile App to check the status.
Required Documents: Mainland Travel Permits for Hong Kong and Macao Residents (both front and back sides) and a recent colour photograph of the applicant
As low as
/30 Days
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Via China number In Hong Kong In Mainland China
For Leisure travelers $19/30-Day
For Frequent travelers $190/300-Day
Receiving SMS Unlimited
Sending SMS to China Free 10 SMS/30-Day for sending*
Please add "##86" before phone number for sending or reply SMS via“China Number". (e.g. Sending SMS to High Speed Railway "12306" , please send to "##86 12306"). For those number without "##86" will consider as sending or reply via local SMS.
Receiving voice call (per minute) Deducts from Local Voice Minutes charge or Prepaid SIM entitlement Standard Travel Voice rate
*Applicable to SoSIM mobile number sending SMS to China for prefix12306(High Speed Railway), 9XXXX(Large Banks, Ctrip, Airlines), and 106XXXX(Baidu, Didi Dache, Online Games, Hotels, Bicycle Sharing, Education Institutions, Online Loans, Insurance, Small Banks, Express Services)

Terms & Conditions
  1. Monthly fee includes one China mobile number ("China Number") which can be used for receive and send incoming SMS and incoming call only. Via China Number:
    • Receiving incoming SMS is unlimited within Hong Kong, Mainland China and other travel destinations
    • Incoming voice minutes received within Hong Kong are charge as local voice minutes or deducted from prepaid SIM entitlement or charge at standard travel voice charges when outside Hong Kong
  2. Mobile number porting is not supported for China Number.
  3. Customer is required to log in SoSIM account and provide personal data to complete the real-name registration process.
  4. China number service will be renewed automatically upon expiry for the prepaid account with sufficient remaining stored value.
  5. SoSIM reserves the right to change all charges without prior notice.

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