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Basis Validity
Flexible data usage suits your travel itinerary

Share among besties and devices

Travel across covered destinations with a single pass

Top up at Any Time
Top up data as you need via SoSIM App / My Account Portal
Charge (HK$) $33 (Travel or Local Service)
Service activation within 60 days of purchase3
From 1 March 2022, Real-name registration is required before use

(Upon insertion of the SIM card into a mobile device, the defaulted service package/ SIM card validity will start immediately. Please complete the real-name registration as soon as possible in order to use the service.)
Travel Service (Limited option for 48 hrs of card activation)1
5 days of APAC Travel data
+ 30 days of extra 3GB local data
Per day usage of travel pass: FUP 500MB / thereafter 128kbps
Travel data must be switched via SoSIM App within 48 hours upon card activation
Local Service (Defaulted service package)1
First 30 days 50GB Infinity local data*
and 1,500 local voice mins

$42 / 30 days thereafter
Upgrade to FUP 60GB*
5,000 Local voice mins
(Upgrade to VoLTE HD voice call)
4.5G Speed Booster Daily Pass Coupon x2
YouTube Data Daily Pass Coupon x2
30 day Anti scam service
Services Fee
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How to Convert / Purchase Travel Data (recommend activating in Hong Kong prior to your trip)

Insert SIM card and download SoSIM App, login and select "Immediately Switch Travel Data" within 48 hours (the option will pop up automatically upon login and can be accessed via homepage banner)

View your purchased / remaining travel data on main page upon transformation

Select "Buy Offers" > “Roaming" to purchase more travel data as you need
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