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About SoSIM
1. Is there any difference between SoSIM and postpaid monthly service plan?

2. Is $33 default service package applicable in Hong Kong, or overseas for travel?

3. Do I need to stay in Hong Kong to use SoSIM?

4. How can I purchase SoSIM outside of Hong Kong?

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Activate Service
1. Do I need to install SoSIM App to activate the prepaid SIM service?

2. Why is there no mobile service after inserting SIM card?

3. How to download SoSIM App?

4. How to know the phone number of the SoSIM prepaid SIM card?

5. Why does my SoSIM suddenly stop working?

6. How long is the validity period of the SoSIM card?

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Real-name Registration
1. Do I need to register when using SoSIM?

2. How to register my SoSIM?

3. Can a mobile number / SIM card be registered more than once?

4. Can I immediately use mobile service after submission of registration?

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Mobile Number Portability
1. Can I transfer my mobile number to SoSIM via MNP (Mobile Number Portability) application?

2. Can I transfer my mobile number from Birdie or Club Sim to SoSIM? Should I choose prepaid / contract mobile number upon application?

3. Can I change my MNP effective date after submission of application?

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Local Service
1. What is/are the defaulted service(s) for the new SoSIM card?

2. What is the network data transmission of FUP local data package?

3. How is “1-day” defined?

4. Does SoSIM have call forwarding function?

5. Can SoSIM support Wi-Fi share / Hotspot Sharing?

6. Can a supplementary SIM share value-added service of primary SIM (e.g. Voice Mail, China Number)?

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Travel Roaming
1. How can I activate travel data?

2. How can I activate travel voice or SMS service?

3. Why can’t I use travel data after switching ON the data pass, enabled "Data Roaming" and "VoLTE", as well as turned off Wi-Fi in mobile device?

4. How much travel data is available per 1-day travel data pass?

5. How is “1-day” defined?

6. Can I purchase additional data after using up the full-speed data per 1-day travel data pass / data entitlement per other travel data service package?

7. If I use roaming data in 2 different destinations within 1 day, will it be counted as 2 days of roaming?

8. If I switch off Auto-activation of a travel data service package in use, will it stop counting down validity?

9. If I have purchased multiple travel data service packages and switched ON the Auto-activation function for all, which one will be consumed first?

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Manage Account / Service
1. How to create a SoSIM account?

2. If I have not downloaded the SoSIM App, how to manage my SoSIM account or recharge?

3. How to report SIM card loss and SIM card replacement?

4. My SoSIM has been lost, can I immediately lock my account to avoid frauds?

5. How long is the validity period of the SoSIM card (i.e. your mobile number)? How to extend?

6. Why can’t I use mobile data even though SIM validity has not expired?

7. Why can’t I use mobile data even though service package has not expired?

8. Can I log in my supplementary SIM account and purchase service packages?

Other Relevant FAQ

1. What is SoSIM eSIM?

2. Where to buy SoSIM eSIM?

3. Will converting physical SIM to eSIM affect my current service?

4. How to transfer my eSIM to another device?

5. Can I convert my eSIM to Physical SIM?

Other Relevant FAQ (Supported Device and Installation Guide)

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