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Extreme Security NextGen

ZoneAlarm® Extreme Security NextGen

ZoneAlarm® is built by the global security expert, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., with excellent performance in malwares detection. Get complete security and privacy suite that guards you against the most sophisticated cyber threats and attacks.

As low as


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ZoneAlarm Extreme Security NextGen Service Plan

Service Plan No. of Supported

Monthly Fee*

free trial#)
1 $12
3 $19
5 $25
# Only available to SoSIM card customers who subscribe the service for the first-time. The actual free service period will be affected by the effective service date of ZoneAlarm Extreme Security NextGen and the service cutoff date. Offer and services are subject to terms and conditions.
Effective from 1 April 2024, monthly service package charges will be adjusted to $22 (1 device), $29 (3 devices) and $35 (5 devices).

All-inclusive security to protect your computer and mobile device

Enjoy enterprise-level security technology, adapted for home users and SMEs

Real-time Antivirus
Advanced Firewall
Threat Emulation
Mobile Security

How to subscribe ZoneAlarm Extreme Security NextGen Service Plan and activate the service

If you are an existing SoSIM Hong Kong customer, you can click here to subscribe.
ZoneAlarm activation code will be sent you via SMS.
Download ZoneAlarm app in your device and enter the ZoneAlarm activation code for account setup.
You can start using ZoneAlarm Extreme Security NextGen service after successful setup.


Q1. I’ve subscribed to ZoneAlarm Extreme Security NextGen. How do I get the activation code?
The activation code will be sent to your mobile number via SMS after your subscription.
Q2. I have lost my activation code. What should I do?
Please log in to SoSIM and select "Reset activation code" on the "Active Plan - ZoneAlarm Extreme Security NextGen" page. We will send you a new ZoneAlarm activation code via SMS.
Q3. Can I use ZoneAlarm Extreme Security NextGen with my Android/iPhone devices?
Yes, ZoneAlarm supports both iOS (12.0 and above) and Android (5.0 and above) devices. The service also supports Microsoft Windows. You can click here to check the specifications and system requirements.
Q4. Can I subscribe to the ZoneAlarm Extreme Security NextGen service but not activate right after?
If you don’t activate the service, you will not be able to use the ZoneAlarm Extreme Security NextGen service as described. The service is effective immediately upon subscription. You will still be charged for the service fee even if you don’t activate it.
Click here to view terms and conditions
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